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BIG BROTHER REVEALED: Meet the man behind the voice you hear on BBNaija (VIDEO)

Click to see details about this famous actor who has come to light because of his voice. This voice is so unique and everybody will want to hear the voice over and over again  

The voice behind the big brother Naija is that of Ejike Ibedilo, an actor, OAP, a broadcaster, and voice-over artiste international. It was revealed by him that his voice is the actual voice we listen to on the very famous tv show BBnaija

The video started circulating a couple days ago, and while many believed, some still had doubts until Frank Edoho of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire confirmed it in a tweet today.

Big Brother Naija revealed

Now there are no more doubts, see 5 facts about this man with Nigeria’s golden voice 

  1. He is an Actor, On-Air Personality and Event Compere
  1. He used to work at Cool FM, till 2011 when he parted ways with the radio station because of conflicting interests.

  1. His wife didn’t accept his proposal the first time he asked her to marry him, but she eventually did, after falling in love with his voice.
  1. He has been married for 7 years and believes the secret to a successful marriage is Jesus Christ

  1. He is a fan of Chelsea Football Club

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