A thousand things will run through your mind in a split of a second. Calm down, it is more common than you think.

Even though it is more common with baby boys but it also occurs in some girls. It's time for a diaper change, you take off his diaper and the next thing, your baby starts touching (and sometimes pulling at) his penis? Don't worry, it is not just your baby. It's most of them!

Babies start to explore their body parts which include their genitals around the five-to-seven-month mark. They do it out of simple curiosity and nothing more.

What you Should Do

If you are not comfortable with it, provide a distraction: Hand your child a toy when his clothes are off so he has something different to focus on. Or else just go with the flow. Accept that touching themselves is something kids do, and it's just another way of learning about their bodies and it is nothing to get worried about! Do you feel better now?