Making first impression with well tamed (or drawn on) brows can never be overrated.

These days before your makeup look can be adjudged perfect, the brows have to be at the 'fleekest'.

There are different ways to get the perfect brows, note that it's important to know what shape best suits your face in order to get a flattering overall look.

In easy pictorial, check on this picture in the middle describing the steps below:

1. Brush the brows along their natural lines

2. Gently trace the bottom part of the brow following the natural arch with a pencil that matches your skin tone.

3. Make sure to trace the brows to the end/align with your natural arch

4. Trace the upper brow just like the the lower area described in step 2

5. Make sure to trace the entire line to the end of the upper brow

6. Gently fill in the brows with the brow pencil

7. Brush the brows to to set the brows naturally

8. Define the brow bone with concealer of foundation as deemed fit and you are fab to go!