The globally famous 44-year-old record producer decided to hop on Instagram Live to connect with his fans for a one-on-one interaction but one daring lady offered to give the DJ more than he begged for.

Dj Khaled, Nicole Tuck and Asahd Khaled

The father of Asahd and Aalam quickly reminded the Instagram user that he is a family man yet she continued with her attempt to twerk whilst wearing booty shorts leaving her goodies on display. Daring as she is, she poured water on her cakes to put on a show but Dj Khaled quickly ended the session. The music business mogul later posted a recording of the live session with the lady and reminded his fans that he has nothing but love for his fans and urged them to be respectful. He captioned his post with, “I have love for everyone please take it easy when I’m on fan luv ig luv. Again I have love for everyone please let's be respectful nothing but love BLESS UP !
Fans loved the way he handled the situation and commended him for his reaction. A fan tweeted, “Name one person more wholesome than DJ Khaled.”
Anyone clowing DJ Khaled for his reaction to that IG Thottie has never been married or in a committed relationship. When you got a good one you ain’t tryna lose it for no bench warmers. Them h**** will try it but his actions were warranted,” a fan wrote and another one “How she do this to DJ Khaled in Ramadan? His reaction is the best thing ever.”
There have been other comments like “I love him!!!!! Omg a man like Khaled is a man for meeeee,” and “Dj Khaled is the family man of the year,'" with another person saying that If y’all wanna have an honest conversation, we can discuss how this is sexual harassment and Khaled is a victim but y’all can continue to laugh since Khaled is a man".
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