Lending money to some people is like creating a problem for oneself. Ever lent your money to someone only to have problems with them when it's time to pay back the money?

If you haven't, pray you don't meet a chronic debtor in these times.
See, if you want to get serious with your finances next year, you'll need to ignore some people's request when they come to you to borrow money.
You don't know them? Here they are.

1. Forgetful friends

Those friends that can't remember your last conversations with them or those that always forget their wallets at home should not have anything to do with your money next year. Don't loan them a kobo because they'll always forget they owe you any money.

2. Chronic debtors

Yea, this one is (in)famous for only one thing. He is always owing. Always dealing with debt issues. It's important you watch out for people like this, especially those who run themselves into debt because of their bad spending habits.
However, if the person is genuinely struggling financially, and needs some money, you can help them with some money them get back on their feet.

3. Unreliable relatives

An unreliable relative is as bad as a chronic debtor, you may need to fast and pray to get your money back from them. Lending your money to a family member you don't see regularly can affect your relationship with them. And the worst part is, you may not get your money back from them for ever.