Jollof rice is about the only thing that moves a good number of us to attend parties and events. This is simply because we like our jollof rice the party type.

Sadly enough, we only get to eat party jollof only when we get to go for this parties or when friends or family members of ours are nice enough to bring us some takeaway parks of jollof rice when they go for parties as well.
Replicating this style of jollof at home hasn't been as friendly as we wish and it sad because we are once again at the mercy of party caterers.
Anyway, here are some of the mistakes we've been making in trying to cook up some party jollof for ourselves.

1. Tomato puree

In an attempt to make our jollof rice rich, we blend a lot of tomatoes to the tomato puree we use to make the rice.
To make party jollof rice tomato puree, just add a few tomato balls with a lot more red bell pepper (tatashe) and scotch bonnet pepper (atarodo), depending on the quantity of rice you are making. The goal is for the red bell pepper to be more than the tomato.
This puree mixture is responsible for both the taste and colour of party jollof rice.

2. Bay leaf

Although some do not like the presence of bay leaf in their jollof, it is important to include this ingredient when making your party jollof rice (you can always take it out as soon as the rice is ready).
Bay leaf gives the jollof rice an additional flavour that gives it the party vibes.
You can fry the bay leaf in the oil before adding the tomato puree to make the best use of the leaf.

3. Steam your jollof, not boil

Unlike cooking white rice where you're permitted to add as much quantity of water you desire to boil the rice, it is quite a different case with party jollof.
Always use equal parts rice and water when making party jollof. Cover the pot properly and let the steam infuse into the rice. The more the steam is infused into the rice, the sweeter and tastier the jollof rice.

4. Butter

Butter also adds some sort of flavour to party jollof. So, in place of normal cooking oil, you can use butter or simply mix both.
Not only does the butter give it additional flavour and aroma, it gives the jollof the smooth, glossy texture associated with party jollof rice.

5. Let it burn slightly

Party jollof is simply a smokey version normal jollof.
The sweet taste associated with party jollof lies in the burntness of the rice. So, don't be scared to let the rice get burnt but be careful not to burn the whole pot of jollof.