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Why hackers are targeting African firms

Hackers are now focusing more on African Banks, telecom firms and many other corporate bodies on the African continent due to low implementation of safety measures, Microsoft has disclosed. According to Pratik Roy, business group director, Security and Modern Workplace for Middle East and Africa Multi-Country Cluster (MEA MCC) covering Africa, Levant and Pakistan at Microsoft, all hands must be on deck to prevent hackers from launching attacks, especially on the continent.

He called for a collaborative effort between the government and the private sector in tackling the menace. Reaffirming Microsoft’s commitment to providing organisations with a trusted and secure environment within which to digitally transform, Roy said the African continent must build more defences, and create more awareness.

The Microsoft Chief, who spoke at the 2020 Cyber Africa Summit, in Lagos, said as security threats become more complex, companies going through transformation in order to compete with digital native startups are increasingly finding that the intelligence and threat protection tools they need to remain a step ahead of attackers are in the cloud. 

These, according to Roy are the IT transformation components to support the business digital transformation that will provide both challenges and opportunities for information security.He revealed that to be competitive in the market place, businesses are seeking to transform using new powerful technologies.

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