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Learn from legend: Williams Uchemba Reveals How He Gets Attention From Women. See details

Williams Uchemba
Williams Uchemba
Nollywood actor Williams Uchemba has spoken on how he gets attention from women and manages this attention.

According to the actor, “I love my female fans. I’m used to it because I have been in the limelight for over 22 years, since I was a child. So, female attention doesn’t come as a shock to me. All I have to do is dress well, smell nice, wear a smile and be kind to people. Though. some people can be insensitive.

“Sometimes, they see you in a very serious situation and they just come in and interrupt you. But you have to be calm because most times, they (female fans) can’t control themselves. I try as much as I can to keep my distance. I’m a very strict person. I am disciplined. I keep boundaries always but then they are my people and I love them.”
The actor, who was accused of fraud on social media, recalls how he was able to handle the embarrassing situation.

“I was accused and they tagged me a fraudster. They said I defrauded some people in the United States and United Nations. When the guy that started the whole thing saw that it was false and apologized, why didn’t the media carry it? Somebody even said to me, ‘Williams, in three years, you won’t have any movie job or endorsement deal’.
“But the following week, I got a deal as a real estate brand ambassador. It happened in December, I got the deal in January. So far, that year was the best of my entire career,” he said.

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