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Petition to ‘punish Sergio Ramos for intentionally hurting’ Salah passes 200,000 signatures

A fan of Mohamed Salah, Mohamed Salah Abdel-Hakeem, has started a campaign on change.org

The petition is urging UEFA and FIFA to punish Sergio Ramos should be punished for his tackle on Salah
The petition has so far been signed by 200k + users

A petition by user 'Mohamed Salah Abdel-Hakeem' on change.org for UEFA and FIFA to ‘punish Sergio Ramos for intentionally hurting Mohamed Salah' has passed 200,000 signatures.
The Real Madrid captain, Ramos, was the subject of much vitriol during Saturday’s May 26, Champions League final as a tangle between him and Salah led to the Liverpool ace being forced off with injury after just half an hour.
Ramos, 32, trapped Salah’s arm while the pair chased for the ball, and as the pair fell Salah’s arm remained pinned to Ramos’ body; Salah is reported to have dislocated his shoulder, and could even miss the World Cup.

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I can't quite believe this...
There is a petition to "Punish Sergio Ramos for intentionally hurting Mohamed Salah"
It has already got more than 100,000 signatures
1:33 PM - May 27, 2018
646 344 people are talking about

As it stands, it has not been proven Ramos caused the injury on purpose  even if he has a history of bending the rules of the game - but some fans want to see the defender punished.
The description for FIFA and UEFA to punish Ramos as started by Abdel-Hakeem' on change.org reads: "Sergio Ramos intentionally kept Mohamed Salah's arm under his armpit, causing dislocation of his shoulder. Not only missing the rest of the game, but also missing the FIFA World Cup 2018.

[MEDIA] 'Punish Ramos!' - Over 170,0 people sign petition demanding Salah injury sanction dlvr.it/QVHNWz
7:40 PM - May 27, 2018

"In addition he kept acting that Liverpool players fouled him falsely, causing the referee to give Manne [sic] a yellow card he did not deserve.
"Sergio Ramos represents an awful example to future generations of football players. Instead of winning matches fairly, he uses tricks that defy the spirit of the game and fair play.
"UEFA and FIFA should take measures against Ramos and similar players, using the video recordings of matches to keep the spirit of the game."
Incredibly, given the petition was only started on Saturday night, by midday on Sunday over 200,000 people had signed it!
The petition probably will not ever amount to anything, but it is further proof at just how much Salah is adored across the world.

The Egyptian was on the receiving end of a horrible arm tussle with Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos that led to the former Roma attacker dislocating his shoulder which eventually led to his substitution in the 31st minutes.

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