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Mercy Johnson’s Movie ‘The Lamb’ Set To Hit Cinemas

Nigerian Nollywood actress and producer Mercy Johnson has recently released a new movie which she produced titled ‘The Lamb. The movie The Lamb is set to premiere at the cinemas in Lagos very soon as she dreams big for the movie.

The movie was screened at the Filmhouse cinema in Surulere, Lagos state on Wednesday.

The movie, which is subtitled in Igala language, tells the story of a legendary Igala princess warrior, who, despite being the pride of her father and loved by her people had to be sacrificed for peace.

Mercy who also doubles as the producer of the movie said, “Not only does ‘The Lamb ’ stand out in terms of its plot and world-class production, it also evokes ancient memories in the most compelling manner.

It is a thoroughly researched work that also brings to the fore, the ancient cultural relationship between the Igala people and the Edos,” actor Paul Obazele (who also stars in the movie), added.

Mercy who was excited about the completion of her second epic film, alongside Nancy Ameh, Paul Obazele, Sam Dede, and Saheed Balogun, said she was thankful for their involvement in the movie owing to the dynamic nature of the script.

The movie is co-sponsored by the Kogi State Government and directed by, Frank Rajah Arase. Quite a number of upcoming acts that participated in Governor Yahaya Bello’s talent hunt show also featured in the movie.

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