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2 students get life sentence for initiating girls into cultism by raping them

The students who claimed to be members of Eye cult group raped many female students of the college as part of their initiation rites.

Three students of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo have reportedly been sentenced to prison for raping female students of the school in a bid to initiate them into cultism » .
Two students, Ibijole Oludayo popularly known as Malawi, Otuyemi Tosin got life imprisonment while was sentenced to seven years imprisonment after being found guilty of rape and cultism by an Akure High Court.
The three students were charged to court after the mother of one of their victims Omolola George reported the case to the school authority.
At the court, George testified that she was forcefully taken away by her assailants at gunpoint from the school premises on the day she was raped. She added that one of them threatened to kill her if she raised any alarm.
George also told the court that the boys took her to an unknown destination, raped her and later took her back to her hostel at about 10 p.m that same day.
Ibijole Oludayo , one of the accused students asked why she didn't shout for help when she was taken back to her hostel.
She told the court that she did not shout for help as she was afraid because she had been earlier threatened and that she was also ashamed of exposing herself to public ridicule if she made public that she had been raped.

Another victim speaks out

Another victim, Akintolayo Abigail, told the court how she too was raped by the same group.
Akintolayo who is said to be a girlfriend of one of the group members, Ogundeji Festus, the third accused person said she was raped when she followed him home after he insisted on going on a date with her.
On getting to his house, she told the court she was surprised to find other boys in the house, adding that she was told that she would be raped.
Akintolayo added that Ibijole Oludayo was the one who removed her clothes, while Festus, her boyfriend, was the first to rape her and slapped her with four others coming in to also rape her after him.
After raping her, she said the boys brought out charms and told her that she had been initiated into their Eye cult group. »
After studying the victim’s testimony, the medical evidence brought by one Dr Johnson of the school’s health centre and the police investigations, the presiding judge, Justice O.O Akeredolu convicted the three students.
Akeredolu sentenced the first and the second accused person to life imprisonment while she sentenced the third accused person to seven years imprisonment.

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