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How To Prepare Green Water That Will Detoxify Your Body In Three Days

Have you ever heard of the benefits of green water?

Even though we live a fairly healthy lifestyle, our body is inevitably exposed to many different toxins. These can negatively affect its performance.

The exposure to contaminated surroundings, the consumption of some foods, and the chemicals contained in products that we use habitually are just a few examples of the many places toxins are found.

Fortunately, the majority of these toxins are processed and eliminated naturally thanks to the hard work of our excretory organs. However, sometimes there is excessive build up of these toxins. As they slowly accumulate, they can come to interfere with important natural functions.

The problem is that a large number of people usually just ignore this important fact. Although the body is sending warning signals, they do not take the necessary steps to properly take care of themselves and avoid complications.

As a consequence, many negative reactions are triggered on a physical and on a mental level. These reactions can decrease our quality of life and happiness.

Thankfully, there are a number of homemade remedies. Thanks to their anti-oxidizing and naturally purifying nature, they can efficiently carry out the work of reducing this toxic build up.

In this article, we want to share the recipe for a green water that can help you detoxify your body in just three days!

Green water to detoxify your body in three days

Green water is a drink made with spirulina and chlorela. These are two ingredients with antioxidant properties that have been made popular for their capacity to detoxify the blood and regulate the pH levels of the body.

Both of these ingredients are natural and contain essential nutrients. Fortunately, these nutrients help to optimize the detoxification of the body without harmful side effects.

Plus, its significant contribution of vitamins and mineral provides a protective effect against toxic invaders in the bloodstream. 

Furthermore, these wonderful protectors also help in the expulsion of the toxic enemies in bodily organs such as the liver and the kidneys.

What are some of the benefits of green water?

The main goal of green water is to promote an organic cleansing process. However, consumption of green water also gives other interesting benefits that are worth mentioning:

It’s an ideal strategy to stimulate the removal of heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, and lead, to name a few.Ingesting the liquid will refresh your body’s stock of essential minerals. This is especially true after loss of electrolytes due to intense or excessive physical activity or episodes of diarrhea.Plus, it contains digestive properties that are very useful to treat problems like constipation or an excess of bodily acid.Its stock of essential vitamins and minerals help to strengthen the immune system. In addition, they improve its retaliation against infectious agents that seek to wage war against your body.Its high concentration of antioxidants that have a natural anti-carcinogenic(anti-cancer) effect. Even though it’s not quite miraculous, it can help reduce the development of cancer.Upon assisting in the process of detoxification of the body, it also facilitates the removal of dangerous fats like bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. Regardless of the fact that it offers few calories, its contents have a significant energetic value that provides great energy boosts in the long run.Its antioxidant properties safe-guard brain tissue and help to allow for better concentration.Luckily, it also helps to prevent the premature and unfortunate aging of the skin and internal organs.

How do I prepare it?

What a wonderful question!

The detoxification provided by green water is a healthy habit that will allow you to free your body of all of the hostile toxic build up that it acquires day after long day.

It’s a three day long plan in which you will have to eat as healthy as possible. One method to help is to increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables and cut back on the processed foods.

Overall, this is a wonderful habit that you can try to practice once every two months. (Or every time that you feel your body has become burdened with the unfriendly toxins.)


6 cups of water (.4 gallons)(1.5 Liters)1 tablespoon of:spirulina powder (.35 oz)(10 grams) clorela powder (.35 oz) (10 grams)

2 drops of clove essential oil (optional)


First, pour the cups of water into a liquid container.Then, add the rest of the ingredients.Manually stir with a wooden or silicon utensil, and when it is all evenly mixed, let it sit for 15 or 20 minutes before drinking it.

Method of consumption

Serve in a normal drinking glass and drink it on an empty stomach.Whatever is left over, spread throughout 4 or 5 more servings that same day.Repeat this process for three consecutive days.

Are you ready to make it yourself? If you’re looking for an effective method of detoxification, look no further. You’ve found it! Just try it! Prepare the green water and test all of the wonderful health benefits it offers for yourself.

After the treatment, you will be able to feel that your body is much lighter and healthier.

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