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How to make insecticide for mosquitoes in your kitchen. See more...

What can be more annoying than a singing mosquito at night? Exactly! It is just awful and dangerous because mosquitoes spread diseases. People all over hate mosquitoes. Here are several ways to make a mosquito repellent for home use. It won’t be expensive, and it’s easy to prepare at home.

Here are few ways of how to make insecticide for mosquitoes in Nigeria

Not everyone can afford expensive insecticides to use at homes, but you can find the ways to make natural mosquito repellent.

Lavender oil: you can use it as an air freshener in your house, and you can add it to your cream for body. It is a preventive measure against mosquitoes.Mosquitoes are like tiny vampires, and they don’t like garlic in the same way as vampires do. Funny fact but it’s true. Cut the garlic into small pieces and put all around the windowsills.Camphor is an old school method to use. It can be found in sell in Nigeria in local shops, and it is producing by using special extracts of the trees.Eucalyptus with a mixture of lemon oil is very good as a mosquito repellent.Limes filled with clove.

Mosquito killers can be found in your kitchen. Slice the limes and fill them with clove. Put this dish all over the house, especially near open windows to prevent the mosquitoes to get inside. Do the same with garlic and eucalyptus with a mixture of lemon oil. Use all the methods for the best results. Plus to it, your skin will be more secure with a body lotion if you add the lavender oil in it.

Also, you can do an insecticide at home from the ingredients which can help to fight with the mosquitoes for sure. All you need is a receipt.

75oz of kerosene;200g of camphor;10 tbs of formalin;25 oz of D.D. Force.

Find a plastic bottle with spray straw in it and first pure a kerosene in it. Add a camphor and formalin liquid. Try not to spill the liquids over your hands and clothes, if the smell of is very strong. Add a D.D. Force and shake a little. Your insecticide is ready to use.

As for natural mozzie repellent

As you already see from the ways described above, there are many natural ways to avoid mosquitoes bites. Nature knows best! You can create a balm with the base of petrolatum with lemon oil, oil of a tea tree and extract of eucalyptus. It would be a gift for your skin and a good protector from the mosquitoes attack.

When you use oils and balms, it is protecting your skin and the aroma afraid the insects. In addition to it, natural mozzies are good, and it is a skin care method all over the world in cosmetology.

Of course, the mosquitoes nets are the best but what to do if you don’t have them in your house? Natural ingredients will help to protect you like a mosquito repellent. Make all the repellents and use them all the time.

Also, nature always helps us when we know it’s secrets. If you have an own house with a backyard where you love to spend evenings with wife or kids playing there, grow a lemon tree there. Mosquitoes are never around such tree because they can’t stand the smell of its leaves.

One more useful tip on mosquito repellent for home use

Make a mixture of orange fruit peel with hot water. Cut few oranges and keep the skins of it, put the orange peel into the spray bottle and fill it with hot water. Let this mixture in a dark place for 24 hours and then use it everywhere and even on your body. The smell is wonderful, and you’ll be protected from the insects.

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