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Football fans pay tribute to Iniesta's 16 years of service

The most aesthetically-pleasing goal of the night on Saturday came early in the second-half from the magic boots ofIniesta, who played a one-two with Messi before dancing past Soria and firing in from the slimmest of angles.

Andres Iniesta still has not said what he will definitely do at the end of the season but did suggest he was a bit clearer in his mind about what he will do.

With it expected that the 33-year-old will head to Chongqing at the end of the season, the Blaugrana captain put in a near-perfect performance that epitomised everything positive about his illustrious career with the Catalan giants.

The World Cup winner could not avoid sharing a tear after coming off in what is set to be his last final with Barcelona and being cheered by fans of the Catalan club and Sevilla as well as the entire football fraternity.

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