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5 Medical Tests You Should Do Before Getting Married. Read full details

Marriage is a big step, and if you plan to live with someone else for the rest of your life, there are certain medical tests you should do before getting married. It’s great to be in love, but you must be aware of your partner’s health status before you make things official and permanent.

There’s nothing wrong with marrying someone who is not in tip top shape health wise, but you’ll be able to plan better if you know exactly what you’re up against. These tests will help you plan your money and your life to accommodate each other’s health needs. Taking these tests will also help you know if you can live with your partner’s condition or if you’ll need to call it quits.

That being said, here are five medical tests you should do before getting married:


You really shouldn’t wait till you’re about to get married to check yourself for HIV and other STDs. You need to do these tests regularly, most especially if you’re sexually active. Ensure that you get yourself tested and also see a copy of your intended spouse’s test so you don’t have any suprises when you’re married.

2. Genotype

The earlier you can do this test the better because it helps to know if you’re a carrier of the sickle cell trait (AS).  A lot of people wait until it’s too late to ask about each other’s genotypes and this leads to unnecessary heartache. Yes, it can be weird to ask a person for their genotype before you become official but asking these questions will put you in a better position to decide what you want.

3. Blood Group/Rhesus Factor

It’s necessary to know your blood group as well as your spouse’s. This will help you have the necessary knowledge to handle emergencies. Also with regards to Rhesus factor, it can either be positive or negative. Precautions need to be taken when a Rhesus negative woman marries a Rhesus Positive husband to avoid Rhesus incompatibility issues during pregnancy.


4. Chronic Medical Conditions

There’s nothing wrong with marrying someone who has a chronic condition, but having this knowledge will save you stress and hardship.

5. Mental Health Assessment

With the growing rate of domestic violence related deaths in the country, it’s important for you to know the mental health status of your intended spouse. It seems like a difficult thing to ask but you can and should find a way to discover if your partner has a mental health issue that needs to be addressed. If they do, the sooner they get help, the better.

Did we leave anything out? Share with us below.

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