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What was written on the note given to Matic (Manutd vs Chelsea)

26th of February 2018 08:35 by Obadofin Daniel

In the second half of Manchester United's 2-1 win against Chelsea, Eric Baily was brought on by Jose as a Sub in the 80th min to probably secure their win,but surprisingly after jogging onto the pitch,he immediately ran to Matic to pass a cheeky note written on a white paper  by the boss,who wanted to pass an information to him,I guess.

After receiving the note,he had to jog away from an oncoming Willian who tried to have a leap of what was wriiten on that paper.

Suprisingly and funnyly, What Willian on pitch, cameras in the stadium and fans in the stadium could not see, the fans on the internet saw........
Here are different See's from the note given to Matic

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