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How to whiten your teeth permanently. See details...

To keep your teeth permanently white you need to follow a very diligent oral care routine, including brushing, flossing, rinsing, and regularly visiting the dentist for cleaning and whitening.

Teeth whitening procedures are best performed by a dental professional, and as teeth tend to become darker as time passes, touch-up treatments are needed occasionally to keep the teeth lightened.

Our teeth get yellow or discolored for two reasons:

As we age our enamel gets thinner due to abrasives in toothpastes, hard teeth brushing as well as acid either from diet or from an acid-reflux condition.As we age the enamel develops micro cracksand picks up stains from the things that we eat and drink like coffee, tea, wine, or some fruit, etc.

There are a number of options for keeping your teeth white:

In-Chair Whitening - You can make your teeth shades whiter in a day by having an in-chair procedure done by the dentist. Using a procedure such as the Zoom! In-Office Whitening procedure, which is safe, effective and very fast, the dentist can get your teeth to be dramatically whiter in just over an hour.

Tray Whitening - Tray whitening is a take-home whitening procedure supervised by your dentist. The whitening is accomplished via a tray that you wear at night or for a prescribed amount of time by your dentist. The drawback is that this procedure takes longer, but the upside is that if you’re looking for a more gradual, controlled change in shade of your teeth, you can have that with the tray procedure.

Whitening Strips - Whitening strips are thin pieces of flexible plastic that are coated in peroxide. These can be bought at almost any pharmacy or supermarket. The length of this treatment is similar to that of the whitening trays, but it is an entirely DIY treatment without professional supervision and the results typically last around four months.

Toothpaste - Using an enamel building toothpaste can help remineralize the teeth, and help seal the micro-cracks in your teeth which tend to pick up stains. With consistent use of a specially prescribed toothpaste you can defend the teeth against cavities and protect enamel from further damage, thereby staving off stains.

Treatment Paste - Another paste which you cwan get from the dentist called MI Paste which is applied to your teeth after brushing in order to keep them strong. This paste provides enamel support and can help to remineralize teeth to reduce potential for tiny cracks that can harbor stains

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