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Why the English FA need to look into the word 'REST',as Manutd gives stoke a hatrick of stroke.

16/01/2018 10:38,By Obadofin Daniel

Jurgen Kloop on fixture congestion:
"I understand tradition - I would never say Boxing Day is not a good idea as I love it and I have absolutely no problem," Klopp added.
"I learn more and more about this league and maybe I have to ask someone if we can ask if there will be another time for us at Sunderland."
"Everyone is asking why England is not too successful in big tournaments.
"Ask what other big countries are doing at this time - they have their legs on the sofa and are watching English football."

Taking Manchester united as a case study,Manchester who had what Jose described as the busiest festive schedule amongst the premier league teams playing a total of nine games in 25 days, having just six non-matchdays over the period - no club has fewer....when on an average those nine games would have been played in 50-54 days. These festive period have been more of negativity on these premier league players than positivity,with this period well known for its injuries impact on players.

What rest does:
Manchester united who after facing the hectic period made the best use of the 10 days break in between the hectic time and their next game against stoke city to have a feel of some refreshing and warm weather training. Jose mouriho who saw the need for rest in his team flew his team to Dubai for some warm weather training and according to him was a time to try new tactics

Jose mouriho on manutd's trip to Dubai:
"We need to recover but at the same time we also need to train because during this crazy time we have not had many times to work on details that you want to work on,"  he explained.
"It’s been more about the recovery from the match and the travelling and the preparations for the next one without time to work."
"If we can have time to have a good, nice week to recover some injured players and tired players and, at the same time, work on some tactical details I think it would be good for the second part of the season."

It was so so evident in their game against stoke city,the way they pressed for the ball,their movements the hunger they brought in and all,that is what a week of rest and refreshment does. which of course resulted into two thunderstorms,one from the captain of the night; Antonio Valencia, the other from Anthony martial and the third goal coming from their top man;Romelu lukaku.

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