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By Sanyaolu Olubunmi

As earlier stated by Prof. I. A. Aransi, the exam date has been announced by the Senate and stated to begin on the 29th of January, which is in three weeks time.

Each and every student before embarking on the "End of the Year Break" would have had the notion of reading one or two things before coming back to school and resuming the academic year.
Before the school went on break, we can recall that majority of the students wanted the break and escape from school work and stress, fortunately the University Management declared a break but unfortunately majority of students failed to read or use it judiciously (of which I am part of the vast majority).

So the battle line has been drawn, the University Management on one side and the students on the other side.
Since the release of the examination date, students have made so many comments such as "I didn't read anything throughout the holiday, how do I cope with tests and exams coming up in few weeks?".
As lectures have already started, it might be news to some that tests have also been conducted, but reality to those who have written the test. Some students of the Department of Linguistics and African Languages would have much to say about that.

The bottom line of the battlefield is that the students would have to accept the terms and conditions of the School Management and at the same time bring out their books from the dusty shelf and start reading.
It is not much of a battle when a part has to submit without a fight, but let's see if the cries of the students get to the ears of the management.

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