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By Sanyaolu Olubunmi

The Obafemi Awolowo University has finally returned to its former glory as students have started resuming after a month break which was embarked upon as a result of the protests on campus.

The "End of the year" break ended on the 2nd of January, and students from far and near have finally started finding their way to Ile-ife.

Academics activity is said to resume on Friday 5th of January, 2018, as stated by the  Prof. Aransi, Dean, Division of Student's Affairs (DSA) and Prof. Aluko.
"We've resumed today, but lectures will start on Friday. Our students are resuming, but we just want to tidy up some things and this has been communicated to the Chairman Committee Of Deans - Prof. Aransi.

Philosophy 106 test is also set to hold on Friday as all students are expected to have resumed by then. Share the news to friends who you know don't resume early, so as to help them out and enforce proper preparation.

We at Tracked gists look forward to the success of our readers as we keep them tuned to the freshest of information.

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