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Alcohol, smoking damage body’s immunity —Expert... See details

An expert in immunology, Professor Ganiyu Arinola has warned Nigerians against excess intake of alcohol and smoking because these substances can damage the body’s immunity against disease.
Professor Arinola gave the charge at the 2016/2017 University of Ibadan inaugural lecture entitled “The Diplomacy of Protective Armoury in Humans: How Effective” at the University.
Professor Arinola said that alcoholic were highly susceptible to infections because the white blood cells count and essential nutrients like vitamins needed by various immune cells were reduced in consumers of alcoholic beverages.
The head of Chemical Pathology, University of Ibadan said that cigarette smoking weakens the immune system by depressing antibodies and immune cell, adding that cigarette smoking has been associated with increased incidence of certain cancers, respiratory infection and reduced essential nutrients in the body.
The don said long time exposed passive smokers are also liable to essential nutrient deficiency, cancers and other cardiovascular diseases such as stroke.
While describing the immune system as the body’s armoury against invading disease-causing organisms, Professor Arinola said also diseases like tuberculosis, HIV and sickle cell could lower persons’ with immunity against infections.

Professor Arinola, however, urged increased level of exercises and physical activity for Nigerians to boost their immunity against infections.
He quoted a study saying that adults who perform a moderate amount of physical activity have a better immune activity and effective heart function than others who live a sedentary life.
The don also warned Nigerians against skin bleaching, saying lightening or bleaching creams cause disruption in the normal protective functions of the skin against infections.
In addition, he advocated that farm workers always wear personal protective devices when using pesticides because these chemicals when absorbed through the skin, ingested or inhaled has negative effect on the body’s immune system and vital organs.
Professor Ariola stressed the need for increased awareness on parts of the body that is protective against infection such as the skin, sweat, cough reflex and stomach acid.
According to him, “all parts of the humans have protective artilleries guiding us against enemies from outside and inside. Failure of these artilleries leads to diseases of either the poor or the rich; infant or old; male or female; illiterate or educated; mouth or intestine; skin or muscle; bone or blood.
“We must eat-healthy, live moderate lifestyle and be adequately hygienic for us to stay alive.”

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