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What Women need before going into a relationship with a man. See details...

A lot of men dont know that women maintain a mental checklist that they use to analyse whether a man is ready for something serious or not.

How Interesting Can A Conversation With Him Be?
Women want a man they can maintain a conversation with. It’s never enough if you have a good job, look handsome and share the same hobbies with her. You have to be able to hold and sustain meaningful conversations with her if she will ever want to consider a future with you.

You can imagine how boring it will be to have a relationship where you’d both sit at a table with virtually nothing to talk about. Women want someone they can talk and laugh with.

How Physically Attractive Is He?
This one is pretty obvious because every woman has a dream about a cute guy who they want to be theirs. Women may however look past this one if they are sure that a man has other outstanding qualities that beats his look.

This however doesn’t mean that physical attraction doesn’t rank on top of their preference list as intellectual depth may sometimes not be enough to compensate for a less than handsome face.

How Ambitious Can He Be?
No woman wants a man that is not determined or has a generally lazy attitude to life. Women are mentally on the lookout for men that that are hardworking and are interested in going all out for what they want. Nobody likes someone who is lazy and undetermined.

Women love men who go out and work hard for the things that they want. Women love men to exude ambitious. And they are always on the watch for men that shows this quality.

How Much Can He Complement Me?
Not just compliments that relates to her beauty but complementing her in a way that emphasises how much her qualities match up with yours. For example, she wants to be sure that if she’s a bad cook, you are good in that department.

More so, women want to be sure that your qualities and theirs matches up so as to avoid having personalities that will clash in the future.

How Supportive Can He Be?
She wants to be sure that you believe in her dreams and also in yours and that you have the mental strength to push the both of you to meet your goals. She wants a man that will be supportive of every dream of hers no matter how bogus they may seem. Every woman sees support has been a key part of any relationship they want to go in to.

Does He Share The Same Beliefs As Me?
And by this we mean faith and religion. Women consider sharing the same beliefs as important for a couple of reasons. They believe that having differing views and opinions about what is right and wrong can cause a lot of unnecessary problems for the relationship.

And if she thinks she wants to spend a lifetime with you, she knows that can cause a lot of problems if you both ever decide to have kids.

How Reliable Can He Be?
This is one of the most important qualities women are on the look out for in any prospective man. They want someone that will be true to his words and won’t disappoint them.

Women want to be sure that when they need you, you’d be willing to give up everything to attend to their needs right there and then. Reliability is one quality that helps to build trust in relationships and once she’s sure you’re reliable, she’d give you her all.

Is He Honest?
Honesty and trust goes hand in hand. Women are on the lookout for the things you say and how much they match up with your behaviour. She wants to be sure that when she asks you anything, she’s getting nothing but the truth from you.

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