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Non-academic staff 'declare war' on lecturers over allowances

The protesting non-teaching staff stormed lecture rooms with canes and sticks, chasing students and lectures out of their lecture rooms.

Lecturers and students of theUniversity of Ibadan on Thursday, December 7 were thrown into confusion as non-teaching staff drove them out of lecture rooms.

The University workers were reportedly disrupted ongoing academic activities in the University, shouting "We are declaring war against the academic staff''

According to PM news, the university workers' protest was informed by the resolve of the Congress held by the Academic Staff, ASUU asking the Vice-Chancellor, Idowu Olayinka to order the Bursar to pay the Earned Academic Allowance which the Federal Government disbursed to the institution and failure to effect the payment should earn him a query.

The decision did not go down well with the workers saying the lecturers want to ridicule their Bursar by asking the VC to order him to share the money when their own case has not been resolved.

The non-teaching staff therefore gathered in the morning raining curses on the lecturers, saying “God drain their blood alive”, “God, visit our enemies with different problems”, before unleashing terror on them.

After the prayer, the protesting non-teaching staff reportedly stormed lecture rooms in each department with canes and sticks, chasing students and lectures out of their lecture rooms.

While addressing his colleagues, the Chairman of Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities, SSANU, Wale Akinremi attacked the academic staff members, calling hem names and asked them to compel the Vice Chancellor to pay their allowances.

He said, “They think that we are playing with them but by the time we are through with them, they will know that we are not of the same level.

“The Earned Allowance the academic staff are happy about will not be shared until our case is resolved. The academic staff are mad. You think you can ridicule our bursar, you are wrong. The most important office in this university is bursar. War will start now. You are bastards if you do not compel the VC to give query to Bursar.

The University  SSANU Chairman  rained more abuses on the lecturers

Akinremi further berated the universitylecturers saying they are teachers parading themselves as lecturers.

“You are dignifying yourselves by calling yourself lecturers but you are teachers. Whether a tutor, a lecturer, or an instructor, all of them are teachers. The brain of academic staff is under their feet. A battle line is drawn now between us and the academic staff. They are academic illiterates who are intellectually insane.

''If they are sane as they claim, how can they write a letter to the VC to compel the bursar to share the Earned Academic Allowance or get query? VC does not have the power to query the bursar. Because the VC, the bursar and the registrar are all principal officers, the VC lacks the power to query any of them”.

Akinremi, however, called on ASUU members to withdraw the letter and tender an apology to the Bursar or else the non-academic staff would declare war on them.

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