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Meet the man that invented the internet.He's poor now

Good day my lovely readers.

Have you ever taught of who invented the internet who you just use because its free?  

Tim Berners-Lee is a name that almost no one in America recognizes at all. He invented the World Wide Web(WWW) almost single-handed handedly and that's not even the most amazing aspect of his own life.

Assuming he didn't give the internet free, he could have become a billionaire by now. 

He willingly gave it for free. 

Inventing the World Wide Web would conservatively make anyone with even some business sense a billionaire, and someone who truly maintained ownership of it and rented access, domain names and the ability to get detailed traffic information through it could have theoretically become a trillionaire from the natural sense. 

Tim Berners-Lee chose instead to give the innovation of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

(HTTP) and the World Wide Web to society with no payment.

Today we are all using and flexing the net for free.

If you were the man

What will you have done. 

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