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How To Treat Your Ties That They May Serve You Well. See details...

Ties are fashion accessories that we often out in delicate situations but hardly give the care and attention that they deserve.
This may be due to the fact that very few people know what to do when their expensive ties get stained or why they are actually attached to certain ties than others.
Ties are worthy of every attention you give them as taking proper care of them can ensure they last a lifetime. Here are a number of tips on how you can treat you ties, so they can serve you well.
The Proper Way To Clean
Hand steamers are the best way to clean your ties to remove wrinkles that form around the areas where the knot is made.
If there’s no hand steamer readily available, you can just simply hold your tie over a boiling pot of water, while taking caution not to let the fabric touch the water, to steam out the wrinkles.
While ties made from synthetic materials can be washed, it’s best not to wash them at all as the materials react differently when washed in water due to the different shrinkage rates of the materials inside the tie.
If you must dry clean, make sure you do so with an experienced dry cleaner as pressing ties can flatten the rolled edges that give the tie texture.
Taking Them Off At night
A lot of people don’t unknot their ties after use and that is one of the reasons they don’t last long.
More so, when taking off your tie, always unknot it by reversing the knot. Avoid yanking hard on the small end of the tie to unravel the knot nor should you make the knot tighter by yanking on it that it becomes difficult to unknot.
Wadding up you tie can do damage to the lining inside from the twists. Hang up your ties on racks designed for such purpose to avoid slipping and twisting from falling to the floor.
When storing, keep them away from light to prevent fading and roll up the tie from the narrow end first so that the label side is revealed. Allow your ties rest for a while after constant use to help remove wrinkles and dew stress the fabric.
Wearing Over A Long Distance
Your neck wears can arrive in good shape when you’re wearing over a far distance or packing them for a short trip.
If in a plane, train or car, fold the tie gently into four and slip it in the inside pocket of your suit. If you’d be packing them, roll them up and tuck them in the corners of your bags or roll them loosely and place them in a pair or socks if you don’t have a tie case.
Note that ironing is not recommended as it flattens the body and causes the material to become shiny.
If you must iron, cover the tie with a cotton cloth such as a handkerchief, then iron it on low setting.
Removing Dirt Spots
There would be times dirt spots would appear on your ties and if they are silk ties, they can be hard to remove. If they are water spots, allow them dry and rub briskly with the narrow end of the tie.
For food stains, blot the area immediately then dip a clean cloth napkin in water and dab away the stains.
For grease spots, sprinkle talcum powder on the spot to absorb the grease. Brush off the residue after some hours with a cloth.
Any hard to remove stains can be removed by placing the spot over the steam of a boiling kettle and applying cleaning fluid afterwards.

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