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NASU: OAU Workers to resume back to work

Nov 28, 2017 9:37 PM

The Chairman of the Non Academic Staff Union of Universities has declared that all members should resume back to work very early tomorrow morning.

This was made known in a congees held at the early hours of today..

Speaking with the Chairman, Comrade Wole Odewunmi, he said” As we all know that the congress is the highest decision making body. The house all voted that a peaceful protest be held today of which we did. We can’t go on strike even though the issue is national”.

“Every chapter has its own decision to make individually. On our own part we are not going on strike. That is not the main solution to the issue on ground” he said

“All workers must resume back to duty very early tomorrow morning then from there we would know at next to do” he added

It should be recalled that the union at the early hours of today suspended their activities
as a result of the percentage given to the national body of which they were not pleased with. The Non Academic Staff Union(UI) Chapter as embarked on an indefinite strike as regards the same issue.

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