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By Sanyaolu Olubunmi and Waleola Funke

There is a new technique that is being used by thieves especially on unsuspecting students and on people living around the Ile-Ife community.

Most of the theft cases reported by students living along Ede road and Maintenance hostel are cases of stolen phones and gadgets.

The technique reported by the students who were victims said that the thieves who were mainly motorcycle riders would stop beside an unsuspecting student and pretend that the motorcycle has a minor fault, the motorcycle rider would then request for light using the victim's phone and would suddenly ride away snatching the phone from the unsuspecting student. This has been the major technique used and it is usually at night.

On Thursday 26th of October 2017, around 10 pm a female student who was a final year student lost her phone to this same act. She said in tears that her project which was almost complete was on the stolen phone.

We at Trackedgist plead with students of Obafemi Awolowo University and its environs to be careful on there way back home and to keep being vigilant especially at night because of the present theft rate.

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