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I have a new perspective of what really matters in life- CR7. See details...

Things might not be great for Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch at the moment, with the Real Madrid star struggling to find the net in something of an uncharacteristic goal drought, but the Portuguese says that away from football things have never been better.

Already a father of three with Cristiano Jr, twins Eva and Mateo, and another little girl, Alana Martina, with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez on the way, Ronaldo is enjoying expanding his businesses alongside his family.

Speaking with Spanish magazine ¡Hola! to promote the release, Ronaldo took time to speak about his family life and admits that he doesn't think he will have another child once baby number four is born.

“I don't see me having the time to have another child,” he said, “But seeing my family grow is honestly the greatest privilege I've ever had. I enjoy every second.

“Fatherhood has taught me things of love that I never knew existed – it has softened me up and given me a new perspective on what really matters in life.”

Ronaldo often posts videos of himself and his son having fun, and the attacker said putting together a new clothing line gave the pair another opportunity to enjoy each other's company.

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