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These are the 24 easy strategies to make money in Nigeria when you feel there is no hope again

1. Uber
This is a way of taking your service a notch higher. You can register on Uber, an online taxi service and you’ll start getting a steady stream of clients. You can also register on other online platforms like Taxify and Alakowe.
2. Home tutorial
If you love to teach and you have a good grasp of some secondary school subjects, you can offer a home tutorial service.
3. Education and tutorial centers
This is a notch higher than starting a home tutorial. In this way, you can increase your revenue by catering for students that need assistance especially when preparing for exams like WAEC, GCE and JAMB.
4. Hair stylist
Having a great hair stylist is every lady’s dream. Interestingly, you don’t need to be a hair stylist to get started. You can employ a stylist to provide the necessary service while you run the business.
5. Cat fish farming
Cat fish farming is quite lucrative with farmers recording profit in millions during harvest. Unlike crop farming, you don’t need so much space to get started. Interestingly, you can learn the basics of catfish farming in just a few days.
6. Poultry business
Poultry business is another lucrative business opportunity particularly for the eggs which is an important part of the average Nigerian diet.
7. Event planning
With owambe parties happening almost every Saturday, there’s a need to plan these events properly. If you’re good with event planning, you can pitch your service to your friends and acquaintances.
8. Real Estate Agency
Networking is the core of this business. If you can network effectively with the right people you can build a profitable real estate agency. And the profit margin is quite high. For every rent or sale, you will get a commission and sometimes this can run into millions of naira.
9. Photography
People love good pictures and any photographer that can capture beautiful moments is certainly going to be smiling to the bank regularly.
10. Beauty & Makeup
The beauty industry has grown exponentially in recent times and almost every young lady these days seems to be interested in beauty and makeup.Interestingly, you can learn the art of makeup in a few weeks.
11. Barbing salon
Opening a barber’s shop is another lucrative way to make money
12. Bakery Business
Bakery business is certainly lucrative if you do your planning and research but you should have enough capital to start and maintain your business for a couple of months before you break even.
13. Purewater business
A purewater venture is another lucrative business opportunity because need to drink water.
14. Pharmacy store
If you’re a pharmacist, it’s not so difficult to open a pharmacy store. On the other hand, if you’re a non-pharmacist, you’ll need to partner with a pharmacist to setup your store.
15. Barbing salon
Every man loves a great hair cut and they will pay any amount to get the right barber. If you can get expert barbers, you can start a barbing salon.
16. Catering service
Wedding events, birthday parties and business meeting usually include an item 7 (food) and the service of a caterer is always required in this case.
17. Laundry business
Drycleaning is another lucrative business especially in the urban cities. With most individuals being extremely busy, self laundry is almost a luxury. You can set up your store and provide a laundry service for these busy folks.
18. Fashion design
Fashion design has become a trendy career option in recent times. From young school leavers to university graduates, this vocation has become a really viable business option.
19. Fast Food
The need for a fast food is particularly common in urban centres where most working class individuals barely have enough time for cooking. You can employ cooks or you can provide the service yourself if you’re a great cook.
20. Snack making
Making pastries and snack is another hot business opportunities. You can make these snacks in bulk and sell to retailers.
21. Betting shop
The sport betting industry is estimated to be worth billions of naira and it is said that at least 60 million Nigerians are involved in sports betting. What are you waiting for? Start your sports bet shop and start counting your cash.
22. Rental service
Renting canopies, chairs and tables for events and meetings can be a regular stream of income.
23. Affiliate marketing
If you have a website, you can promote products on your website and earn a commission anytime these products are sold via your website.
24. Viewing centre
Nigerians are football lovers and many love to watch live football matches in public places. Setting up a viewing centre can serve as a steady income source especially during the league season

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