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Rustication of Angola Hall chairman confirmed by school Registrar (photo)

By Sanyaolu Olubunmi

The Obafemi Awolowo University Registrar in person of D.O Awoyemi has confirmed the rustication of the present Angola Hall Chairman for failing to meet up with the requirements of  being a student of the university.
In the official release, it was stated that AK wisdom is no longer a student of the university as his studentship has been terminated.

The popular Anglola Hall Chairman has faced a lot right from his swearing in into office, he was the first runner up at the end of the Angola hall representative election which held last session but due to the fact that his opponent wasn't a legal occupant of the hall he was automatically chaired. He was also almost abducted by some disapproving students last semester.
"if he had managed to scale through to a 1.0 he wouldn't still be able to contest for any political post in the union as there is a minimum cgpa level for that" - concerned student.
Also in the release, the university management confirmed the suspension of 4 political figures of the Students' Union.

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