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When it comes to every girl’s weakness, there are a few that stand out more than the rest but also know that all girls are different which means what some girls like in a guy might be different from what other girls will like in a guy. However, there are some few things that are always on top of every girl’s list and weakness and once you do it as a guy you become irresistible to any girl.
A lot of what attracts women to certain men has more to do with their behaviour than a certain feature which means that, every girl’s weakness is centralised more around certain things guys do versus how they look like. So if you want to be every girl’s weakness then here are some things you must take note of
Genuine kindness, girl’s are definitely drawn to those who are kind natured so don’t fake it.
Generosity, this does not have to do with your money or gifts it is more about giving your time, attention and affection to her and those around you.
Supportive behaviour, every girl’s weakness is having a supportive partner, there’s just something about having someone believe in you that makes you feel really connected to them.
Enthusiasm for her accomplishments, girls love guys who can be excited and happy when it comes to their accomplishments.
“Interest in her passions, this doesn’t mean every girl’s weakness is when a guy transforms all of his hobbies to match hers, this is when someone becomes interested in the things she’s most passionate about, when someone sees her passion for those things and wants to learn more about them, it melts her”.
“Appreciate her, this is a major one, you can appreciate her by telling her and even by doing things that show her how much you appreciate the things she does, it’s something very simple that many forget is every girl’s weakness”.

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