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Breaking: Catalonia sign and suspend declaration of independence from Spain.(Read more)

- Catalonian leaders have signed a document that declared the region’s independence from Spain
- The declaration has however been suspended and would not be implemented for several weeks
- The document was signed by 72 members of Catalonia’s parliament
After a long awaited speech before Catalonia’s parliament Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and other regional leaders have signed a declaration of independence from Spain.
But the move will not be implemented immediately allowing for talks with the national government in Madrid.
According to The Telegraph, the text, proclaiming the constitution of a “Catalan republic as an independent and sovereign state”, was signed by 72 members of Catalonia’s parliament.
Puigdemont in his address said he would suspend the formal declaration to allow for talks with Madrid, disappointing the more supporters of independence.
The gesture was welcomed by some lawmakers but fell short of a unilateral proclamation for others.
Puigdemont who had been under intense pressure claimed the recent disputed referendum gave Catalonia the right to be independent.
However Madrid has vowed to block any move by Catalonia to break away and rejects the idea of any form of mediation with Catalan leaders who it accuses of of acting outside of the law.
Recall that NAIJ.com previously reported that emergency services in Catalonia reported scores of injuries suffered by Catalans in clashes with the Spanish police determined to stop voting in a referendum for independence.
The injuries to people occurred as riot police stormed voting stations to stop the referendum on independence from Spain.
Most of those people sustained slight injuries and three suffered more serious injuries, the Catalan services said on Twitter.
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