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6 Crazy Ways To Ask A Woman Out That Always Works. Click to see details...

Creativity is perhaps the best way to get what you want in life and that seems to apply best to asking a woman an getting her to agree to date you. It would be foolhardy for you to simply say “we should do something sometime” and hope to get somewhere with her.

More so, taking an attractive woman you have your eyes on to the movies or for a meal might work for some ladies, while some may may something a little move interesting. Bearing that in mind, here are a number of unconventional ways to ask a woman out, that almost always works.

Buy Her A Meal
If you’re quite friendly with the woman you have an intention of asking out and haven’t quite had the opportunity to ask her out you can simply ask her out to a meal.

Alternatively, you can have food delivered to her at work and she would really appreciate it, especially if she’s having a hard day at work and that will be the perfect time to ask her if she would like to go out when she is less busy.

Invite Her To Make Dinner
Cooking dinner is one of the best ways to ask a woman out as you get the best of both worlds. You can work on it together right from shopping to preparing to cook, and you still get to enjoy the meal together at the end.

It will be much better if you’re a good cook, but nothing to worry about if you’re not as you can struggle through it together—or she can show off her own skills in the kitchen.

Ask For Her Help On A Project
You can choose to ask for her help on something you’re working on as a means of accomplishing a task that you need to get done. It would even be better if it is something that she is knowledgeable in.

Simultaneously compliment her skills and tastes, while also telling her you need help with something more personal such as getting a gift for a friend or designing your apartment. This will help you know her interests and that will help you get something memorable to do together.

Get Her A Lottery Ticket
This would work well if you know her as the type of woman that loves gambling and having a good laugh. You can simply buy her a lottery ticket and tell her that if she wins, she takes you out to dinner and if she doesn’t, you will foot the bills as a consolation prize.

Get Tickets To A Show
Get tickets to a show or event that you know interests her and one you know she will love. What this shows is that you have listened to her and know what she enjoys.

Furthermore, it is also a nice surprise for her, especially if it is something she enjoys as that is a guarantee that she will have a good time.

Give Back To Society
You can simply ask her out to volunteer or give back to society with you. You can do this by helping to organize a cool event or assisting with any non-governmental organisation you know.

Any project that will provide some fun adventures and challenges that you both can bond over will do, as you will know the woman you have your eyes on better through the experience. More so, you’d be helping others, which is a good thing on its own!

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