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Anyango Judy puts her huge bum on sale. See details...

Judy Anyango puts her huge bum on sale

Instagram has landed us with some celebrities who, otherwise ,would have remained unknown, and one of them is Kenyan socialite, known as, Judy Anyango. Judy is a curvaceous beauty with a humongous bum and she flaunts it steadily to entrap her male admirers .

Judy Anyango
There are so many twerking videos of Judy that someone must have advised her to commercialize it. And it appears the sexy Kenyan socialite has taken to the advice as she now directs people to click on her bio which links to a website for more longer running videos at a price.

“ Text, call, chat request for videos and pictures on my bio,” she boldly posts on her page. But once you do, you are asked to pay 6.99 dollars to see more daring, luscious videos of the ‘bomb bum’ Kenyan.

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