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16-year-old Nigerian boy becomes one of the youngest students to ever attend Cambridge. Check here to see more...

- A 16-year-old British-Nigerian maths genius is celebrating his recent achievement
- He has become one of the youngest students of Cambridge University
A 16-year-old Nigerian born guy identified as Andrew Ejemai has become one of the youngest students of Cambridge University. The maths genius who is from Brentwood School in Essex has being accepted at one of the most prestigious universities in the world.
Ejemai’s brilliant performance in the A-Level exam he took made it possible for him to be considered. The young man had A* in additional further maths with A grades in the new linear chemistry and economics. The brilliant Nigerian born teenager had grade 1 in step II and III in one academic year.
Ejemai’s performance was not a total surprise as he had in 2003 become the youngest person in the history of his school to pass an A-Level exam with an A grade in maths at the tender age of 12. The young chap is interested in studying maths and would be attending the university ahead of his mates.
Andrew Ejemai, the Nigerian-British genius that has become one of the youngest students of Cambridge.
While speaking to The Voice, the young man expressed himself by giving thanks to God for the feat.
“I am mostly grateful to God Almighty for helping me to achieve this great feat. I believe that without hard work, perseverance, parental and school support, this would not have been possible. I am indebted to all at Brentwood School for believing in me, and giving me the opportunity to complete my three A-Level subjects in one year.
According to the young star, Ronke, his mother, had made him love numbers. Sonny, his father, said he hopes his performance and success will inspire other young black pupils and will push them to perform well academically.

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