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A $5,000 car unveiled by GM. See details...

GM Just Unveiled A $5,000 Electric Car

Tesla might have been stealing the headlines with its ‘affordable’ Model 3 but as it turns out General Motors had something rather special hidden up its sleeve.

It has just launched this, the Baojun E100. It’s a tiny electric car that boasts an impressive 100-mile range and costs just $5,000 after incentives.

This remarkable little vehicle might be small but its specs pack a powerful punch.

Looking very similar to the Smart Car, this little two-seater has a reasonably powerful 29KW motor which should be more than zippy enough for the daily commute.

Its lithium-ion battery can be charged in just 7.5 hours and it uses regenerative braking to claw back electricity and feed it directly back into the battery while driving.

GM haven’t been cheap on the interior either. While it’s definitely cosy, you get a digital dashboard and a 7-inch touchscreen centre console. If that’s not enough there’s also WiFi to make sure you’re always connected while driving.

Now as you may have noticed from the headline there is some bad news. This car is exclusively launching in China under GM’s localised brand Baojun.

With China’s astonishing urban growth showing no signs of slowing down GM’s decision to make a small, cheap and manoeuvrable electric car for the city makes perfect sense.

Initially the car will only be available in Liuzhou, Guangx, however the company then expects to expand sales to the rest of the country.

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