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Showdown : 4 things the senate requires of Acting President Osinbajo. [See more details below]

Showdown: 4 things the Senate requires of Acting President Osinbajo

In an earlier report by NAIJ.com, it was noted that the threat to impeach Acting President Yemi Osinbajo if he fails to remove Ibrahim Magu , the chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has pitched the Senate against some Nigerians.
Following that incident, the Senate tried and failed to make Bukola Saraki the acting president in place of Osinbajo while the president is still away.
But, what does the Senate want from Osinbajo, and what is the real bone of contention? The Nigerian Senate posted some requirements via its official Twitter handle.
Below are some of them:
This is the full list of what they want:
1. The Senate should suspend all issues relating to the confirmation of nominees from the executive on issue of confirmation as contained in constitution until the laws of the federation is adhered to.
2. Acting President must respect the constitution and laws enacted by the National Assembly as relating to the confirmation of nominees.
3. The Acting President should respect the rejection of nominees by the Senate.
4. Senator Marafa Kabir added that the Acting President must withdraw his statement saying the Senate doesn't have the power to confirm nominees.

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