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Stylish mules— 25th June 2017

Mule is a French word for shoes without back support and often closed-toed and can be of any height or even   flat. Mules are mainly for women.

Though old school, it’s trendy and comes in a variety of styles which match beautifully pretty much anything imaginable from casual to dressy. They include:

The open toe
Mules are traditionally closed-toed, but the trendiest iterations feature open-toes which are gorgeous and classy.

These are standard, comfortable, elegant and absolutely fashionable. They’ll match almost everything in a wardrobe and are a trendy break from heels for something unique and stylish.

Statement mules
These are gorgeous and chic and in different designs and styles. They are perfect, alluring and it takes a stylish, beautiful lady to slay these classics.

Wedge and flatforms
Wedge heels are among the most comfortable, because there is a stable solid mass that prevents you from tottering, unlike some steeper heels. There is no space between the toe area and the heels. They’re great with sporty dresses.

Mule heels are of different shapes except that the upper part is covered whereas the ankle and heel areas are exposed making them a partially covered stunner.
They’re best worn with folded jeans or skirts.

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